[Case Study] Coffeeshop Owner Says FeeFighters is “Amazing”

FeeFighters Saves Campus Coffee Shop $7,000 in Annual Credit Card Processing Fees Manndible Café Uses Free Online Comparison Shopping Site to Reduce Inflated Processing Fees, Slash Card Expenses by 40% and Read More

Payment Gateways

This article originally appeared on informed-merchant.com, a blog started by one of our founders, Sean, before he started FeeFighters. If you want to process transactions over the internet, you will Read More

[Weekly Kick] What is a Chargeback?

Tis the season forchargebacks. What exactly is a chargeback, and what happens when one occurs? More importantly, what should you as a merchant do to deal with chargebacks and how can Read More

Typical Interchange Rates for Ecommerce Merchants

We are frequently asked “how much is interchange”, in particular by online businesses. Interchange is the highly complicated system by which Visa and Mastercard charge the merchant money which is Read More

[Weekly Kick] What is a Gateway?

This week, the FeeFighters Weekly Kick is about gateways. Sean, the CEO of FeeFighters, explains exactly what is a gateway and why you might need to have one. For more Read More

What Happens When A Credit Card is Swiped?

It seems as simple as sliding a credit card through the terminal and signing a slip, but what actually happens behind the scenes is a pretty intricate process. Information flows Read More


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