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Payment Gateway Comparison: Know Your Fees

Payment gateways are convenient tools for businesses to process online and mobile payments. While they are convenient for users and business owners alike, there are costs for this convenience. Business owners need to understand the different steps of implementing a payment gateway and what each step costs them. Before we jump into the fees, let’s […]

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Payment Gateway Comparison

Most people are familiar with payment gateways without even knowing it. Payment gateways are a convenient service where credit card information is securely transferred from the consumer to the business’s merchant processor. Payment gateways verify a customer’s billing information and funds and approve purchases. Anyone who makes an online or mobile purchase utilizes a payment […]

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Video: Statement Analysis

Sometimes people will ask what we do. Basically we translate credit card into english and act like an accountant or lawyer fighting for our clients money. Below is a video of us explaining some of the fees on a statement. Below that we have a long video doing a more advance walkthrough of a few […]

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Chargeback Rebuttal Process

Credit cards are a convenient method of payment for consumers, so much so that many people no longer carry cash for everyday purchases. Businesses have been supportive of providing this convenient payment method for their goods and services. However, the system is not perfect, and consumers will report issues to their banks when transaction errors […]

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Chargeback Prevention 101

Chargeback fraud and customer disputes are an unavoidable reality for merchants who process credit cards, including card-not-present transactions. These issues have the potential to create a near-constant source of lost revenue that is extremely frustrating and expensive for business owners. Not only do you lose a sale, but your business also has to absorb a […]

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Payment Gateways: A Convenient Way To
Implement Online and Mobile Payment Methods

Select Columns LayoutOnline and mobile purchasing are becoming more common, and businesses across all industries are following the trend. In addition to online purchasing, companies are offering perks like free shipping, shipping within a few business days or even online ordering with in-store pick-up. In order to have these types of secure transactions completed online, […]

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