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Average Credit Card Processing Costs


If you have been reading this blog you probably know that credit card processing fees are split between two parties: Visa and Mastercard, whose fees are called interchange and assessments and are mostly passed along to the banks that issue credit cards and the businesses own acquiring bank / credit card processor / merchant acquirer.  You also probably have learned that interchange is not negotiable while the markup of the processor is negotiable.  But you may not know what businesses like yours pay on average for their credit card processing.  Below is an analysis that we got from informed-merchant.com, which they based on analysis from First Annapolis Consulting and Morgan Stanley.

average credit card processing costs

Keep in mind that the above is an average.  How large your processor’s markup is largely depends on how good a negotiator you are.  If you are a business that accepts credit cards and want to know how much your processor’s markup is, check out our free credit card processing calculator.  If you think you are getting a bad deal, put your business up for bid and compare the rates of a dozen high quality credit card processors with our credit card processing comparison shopping tool.  You will get rates significantly better than those shown above, we promise.

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