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Meet Samurai: The Most Powerful Way to Accept Payments Online

At FeeFighters, we’ve been helping business owners comparison shop credit card processors for years. One complaint kept resurfacing over and over for online merchants: what to do about the gateway?

There were integration headaches, compatibility issues, and confusing pricing. Business owners would get locked into using an expensive credit card processor because their gateway was not compatible with cheaper merchant accounts. All together, instead of being easy to use and integrate, gateways presented business owners with yet another headache and cost with regards to payments.

After hundreds of complaints, we realized it was time to take a stand. We decided to build the most modern, easy to use gateway on the planet: Samurai.

Today, we’re happy to announce the launch of Samurai into public beta (currently US-only, though we hope to add Canada and Europe in the future. Canuck’s – click here to add yourself to the email list when we announce Canada launch) .  Join many beta customers who are experiencing the ease and flexibility that Samurai has to offer. Here are some key features:

1) Complete freedom With Samurai, there is freedom to choose any payment processor and have complete data portability.

2) Intelligent Routing- Transactions can be sent to multiple merchant accounts. Samurai will automatically send international and small ticket transactions to the cheapest processor.

3) Simple integration Getting started takes minutes. Developers love Samurai for its documentation and integration libraries. If a business has an existing gateway, Samurai has gateway emulation, meaning it can copy existing gateways without involving developers.

4) PCI Compliance– Samurai makes it easy to achieve PCI compliance. Most businesses that use Samurai can achieve PCI compliance with 5 minutes of simple paperwork.

5) Tokenization/Vault- Samurai securely stores customers’ credit card numbers, so that subsequent transactions can be performed without worrying about the security burden of storing card numbers locally.

6) Simple Pricing Samurai costs just $10/month and $0.10/transaction. No setup fees. No monthly minimum. No cancellation fees. Our prices trump the competition.

TL; DR? – Watch the vid, it’s only a minute long:

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