Samurai Haiku Press Release - FeeFighters

Samurai Haiku Press Release


Samurai, FeeFighters’ new gateway, is so elegant and easy to use, we decided to write a press release in haiku to tell you about it.


Samurai, The New

Simple and Powerful Way

To Accept Payments

FeeFighters Launches

Samurai to Simplify

Gateway Marketplace

Chicago, IL 9/21/2011

FeeFighters Launches

Samurai, a feature rich

gateway that’s awesome.

Ecommerce sites can

Integrate payments with ease

In just three minutes.


Compatible, Samurai

Can send transactions,

To all processors.

With intelligent routing,

And other features

Like fair flat pricing,

Data portability

And emulation.

“Samurai was built

to address frustrations we

heard from customers,”

Says FeeFighters’ Sean

Harper, who is CEO.

“Samurai’s legit.”

Simply, Samurai

Is now the only option

That makes sense online.


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