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Typical Interchange Rates for Ecommerce Merchants

We are frequently asked “how much is interchange”, in particular by online businesses. Interchange is the highly complicated system by which Visa and Mastercard charge the merchant money which is then passed along to the card issuer (i.e. Capital One or MBNA / Bank of America). It makes up the majority of the fees a business pays for credit card processing (the processor adds fees on top of interchange and Visa and Mastercard add on a bit for themselves as well).


Interchange varies for each transaction and is based on a combination of 1. what kind of business you are in (ex. grocery store, gas station, phone company) 2. what kind of card was used (ex. mastercard, visa, debit, rewards) and 3. how the transaction was processed (ex. swiped, entered online). The data below is also only for online businesses that use address verification and the 3-digit security code on most transactions. It is based on the aggregated data of a few of our customers and should be reasonably representative for similar businesses. I will try to post something similar for offline businesses when I have a chance.

Card Type Interchange Category Share % Rate % Per item
Mastercard Internet Merit 10 1.89 0.10
Enhanced Merit 9 2.04 0.10
Merit Debit Internet 8 1.64 0.16
Worldcard Merit 4 2.05 0.10
Corporate cards 2 2.32 0.10
International cards 2 1.69 0.10
“Standard” Internet Debit 1 1.90 0.25
“Standard” Internet Credit 1 2.95 0.10
Mastercard Total / Average 37 1.93 0.11
Visa CPS E-commerce Debit 25 1.60 0.15
CPS E-commerce Credit 17 1.85 0.10
CPS E-commerce Rewards 15 1.90 0.10
EIRF Credit 3 2.30 0.10
EIRF Debit 2 1.85 0.10
Visa Total / Average 63 1.78 0.12
Total 100 1.84 0.12

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