How to Close a Merchant Account
Closing a merchant account is a process that every business owner should be familiar with. Do it the wrong way[...]
How to Get a Late Credit Card Payment Waived
For every late credit card payment you make, it delivers a blow to your business. Not only can you accrue[...]
Video: Statement Analysis
Sometimes people will ask what we do. Basically we translate credit card into english and act like an accountant or[...]
Your Definitive Guide to Credit Card Processing Fees    
The cost of credit card processing fees can vary greatly from one company to another. It can be challenging at[...]
A Guide To Credit Card Processing Fees And Rates
It is nearly impossible to operate a business in this age and accept cash payments only. People are shying away[...]
A Complete Guide To Getting Better Interchange Fee Rates
What are interchange fees? When a debit or credit card payment is processed, the funds are usually transferred from the[...]

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