Get the Best Card Processing Rates.
You Don't Switch Processors. No Upfront Costs to You. 

Why Trust Fee Fighters?
  • Fee Fighters only charges a percentage of what we save, if we can save you money. 
  • Send us last months credit card processing statement and we will send you a savings estimate. Then decide if you want to use us. 
  • We check your rates each month at no cost to you to make sure you continue to save.    
  • Dedicated Support for questions 
  • 10 Years in the business. 

Save each month on credit card processing

We'll get you the best deal from your existing processor. We split the savings with you.

Send a Statement

Once we have your credit card processing statement, our Samurais analyze your statements and create your personal savings estimate.  

4 Min Setup

After you see what's possible, Complete our quick signup and let us get to work making it happen.  Typically you see the savings that same month. 

Enjoy The Cash

You save monthly and we audit monthly for Free. We do all the work and split the savings with you. If we don't save you money, Fee Fighters won't charge you anything. 

Case Study: $270k in Savings / Year

FeeFighters got one of the worst statements ever from a T Shirt company from Hilton Head, SC. Our Samurai's simplified the insanity with software tweaks and negotiation taking them from:

   April 2018: $23,756 Fees / $55,575 Processed = 42.7% 

   June 2018:  $7,093 Fees / $88,791 Processed = 7.9%

On an annualized basis this is $270,162 in annualized savings. 

We have clients with rates much lower than this, but this is our most dramatic change in 2018...so far.   

Find out how much money you're wasting every day.

The rates or savings advertised are not necessarily available from all providers or advertisers listed on our site. Your actual rates or savings will vary based on factors like your processing history, products, services, industry, volumes, & more. Fee Fighters is a Agent of financial institutions, but we do not underwrite financial products.

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